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Our passion for understanding your business needs means that you can count on SIMCOM to create a complete, customized website tailored to your unique business requirements. This is why our outsourcing clients across the world continue to trust SIMCOM.

Conducting business using the Internet introduces new requirements and new risks. Online content and ecommerce demand expertise that many companies don't have in-house, or that many companies find to be outside of their core competencies.

SIMCOM solutions are customized and designed for superior application and site performance, reliability, security, and scalability.

We can provide you with support in corporate:

  • Web Design & Domain Services
  • Wireless Broadband
  • Broadband

Web Design & Domain Services

Our structured approach to Web Services enables us to get your website operational and making a return as soon as possible. Our designers communicate with you on a 'phase-basis' so you know exactly where you are in the development process.

The following chart is an example of the process of planning and development your website undertakes:

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