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SIMCOM Software


Welcome to SimViews, another useful product from SIMCOM Software! This program started off as a simple Windows wallpaper changer, and has grown to a useful images viewing program as well. Like all of our products, this program was designed to fill voids that we found in other Wallpaper Changers (and I am sure that you have seen a number of them). These are the features that we found that we needed...and that in general other programs did not have (or not all had, or not in the way that we liked).

  • I Needed to load BMP files quickly. Since source images are stored as JPG files (in general), and Windows only likes BMP files, the JPGs have to be converted to BMPs every time the wallpaper is changed. Some slow programs were causing my machine to pause while I was working - I didn't like that!
  • I have some 1,500 wallpaper images (and the list is growing every day). I know that I have only seen a handful of these, and the ones I have seen I have seen so many times they are getting tedious. I needed some way to make sure that I moved through all of my images in a planned and regular way.
  • I needed to quickly remove source image files if I found a faulty image or one that I was tired of. This is usually quite a chore, especially finding the one file (usually with a cryptic filename) amongst a thousand. I also had a few images that were the wrong shape (ie narrow ones).
  • I also needed to remove older small resolution images - ie, those at 640x480, for example. I now run at 1280x1024, and the small pictures were starting to look pretty poor in quality as they had to stretch too far to fit the screen. I needed some way to find and remove all of these files quickly.
  • I needed a fast preview system. There are many external programs that do this, but why not have this feature built in?
  • When the system came to a particular image I liked - I want to be able to lock the system so that the image does not change until I get tired of it - then carry on with the original planned changes.
  • I needed some way to label the images. We have a lot of images we have taken with our digital camera. It would be great to actually add some information to each image - ie a title or date or something.
  • It would also be nice to be able to do basic image enhancements - ie flip the image, change the contrast, brightness, etc.


  • Animated Preview system. You can display your Wallpaper images like a slide show.
  • Attractive progress bar indicates how long to go until next change
  • Off the web updating system - ie, it senses what version you are running, and what is available on the Web, and will download the updates for you if necessary.
  • Built in screen saver. Well, this is actually a separate program, but it is included with SimViews. This screensaver will randomly display one of the Wallpaper images. It uses one of around 120+ image effects to display the next image (ie swipe, dissolve, etc).
  • A calendar for the current month can be displayed at any one of 5 locations on the desktop. You can change the size, color, etc.
  • Calendar displays Week of Year and Day of Year.
  • Automatic calendar placement (ie compensates for taskbar position and size of font, etc)
  • You can activate the screensaver (and also enable/disable it) from SimViews.
  • Detailed Help documentation

System Requirements

Operating System: All Windows Client and Server Platforms, including older Windows 95, 98


$49.99 + 10% GST (Australian buyers only)

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